10 Website Tweaks to Boost SEO

Eye on these hacks to make sure that your website appears good looking to the bots of search engines and make it friendly for human visitors as well.

  1. Use your keywords at the above-the-fold page of your site and within the stretch of your first paragraph.
  2. Rename your images based on your brand name and identified keywords. Example, file name “logo-version 1.jpg” to “my-company-name-logo.jpg”.
  3. Create a Google My Business account, link your website, and verify. Information here is vital especially when people start to Google you.
  4. Align with your web developer and alert them that your page must be within the good speed and must be mobile friendly. Google offers a free tool to identify these factors.

I initially wrote a blog giving tips to business owners and marketing team before proceeding with the sign-off. This is important to make sure that the website handed to you is at the right shape.

5. Avoid 404 or page not found. All your sites intended to be seen by Google should not be empty. There are sites that you don’t want Google to see like the archives or test pages, apply “no index” at the backend or via robots.txt file. Your web/SEO team should be able to assist you in this step.

6. Install Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor the activity of your site.

7. Draft your blog pipeline and commit to write an article every other week or at least once a month depending on your human resource. Your blogs must cover your keywords immediately at the title part and content must look professional to amplify your expertise.

8. Create a meta title and meta description per page the right way. Imagine writing a unique advertising campaign when doing so and each page of your site must be catchy and unique.

9. Call to action buttons and anchor text must go to the right pages. Social media buttons and other outbound links to open in a new tab.

10. Draft ways to build backlinks. You can start with social, directory listings, and links from your clients, member organizations, and associations.

It is part of my scope as a Digital Marketing Consultant to set-up the SEO campaign of a client’s website and train the marketing team to maintain the strategy; result does not just happen overnight. If you have questions or if you need an expert assistance, just send me a message.

Verna Austria

Verna Austria

Verna Austria is the Lead Consultant and Main Content Writer of VSPA Online Marketing. She is managing various accounts and is continuously helping companies elevate their online presence and drive higher conversions from the sales pipeline.