Your Next Digital Marketing Content Strategy

New year is a great start to restructure your business with an improved content strategy. Your social media posts, website narration, blogs, infographics, and videos must be integrated to deliver one voice while following well-thought digital marketing objectives. When you have team members with varying ideas, it helps to drive them back to the defined strategy and align their thoughts to a single goal. This way, content creation comes polish in terms of tone and integrated in manner of presentation. It avoids disconnection as the message reach the audience.

• Create contents with a clear purpose in mind – avoid the rush and take time to know the “why” of your campaign. Draft your own content strategy.

• Know your audience by heart – create a picture of who you are talking when writing a post or making a video. Who will read and watch these materials?

• Maintain one brand identity across platforms – Don’t alienate your clients. Whatever gateway (site, social, app, even print materials) they visit, they should see a same brand.

• Incorporate keywords to your copy – What words and phrases are used by your customers to find you.

• Keep the flow simple – Simplicity is the essence nowadays. Make your message quick and easy to understand.

• Offer real value – Be the expert and go-to person. It’s not just selling all the time, offer solution to the problem.

• Organized your distribution – remain consistent and declutter your campaigns.

• Monitor your reach – you will never know if you are winning unless you measure. There are free platforms like google analytics that can track activities of your website. Identify your benchmark, compare and analyze so your campaign continues to improve. 

Your Team’s time and effort can be saved if all these pointers are applied to your next content strategy. If you have questions on how to implement a specific item on the list, just send me a message and I’ll be happy to discuss.

Verna Austria

Verna Austria

Verna Austria is the Lead Consultant and Main Content Writer of VSPA Online Marketing. She is managing various accounts and is continuously helping companies elevate their online presence and drive higher conversions from the sales pipeline.