Another year has gone by and it comes with many blessings and challenges. Learning several lessons in online marketing and gaining new friends from the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand; conversations mostly happen through virtual setup due to the persistent COVID-19 but fruitful talks happen either way.

I am very thankful to have been granted amazing clients for the entire 2021 despite the economic turmoil brought by the pandemic. It always brings some level of excitement when diving into a new industry and slowly understanding specific jargons; I love creating digital marketing strategy and watch it come to life with real results.

To all my clients, colleagues, partners, and readers… Thank you for the trust and for giving me an opportunity to help, teach, and learn at the same time.

To my family who is always very supportive as they see me daily in my office corner in high and low spirit, excited, puzzled, serious, grumpy (with no coffee yet), lost because of platform glitches and random algorithm updates, and beaming when I get to rank a client #1 on SERP. It is certainly an everyday dose of ups and downs at work but always worth exploring.

Here are some thoughts to contemplate for the new year:

What do you aim to achieve for your business this 2022? To get more valid inquiry from the website and messenger and convert them to buying customers.

How are you going to implement it? Run an SEO and Facebook advertising campaigns. Tweak content strategy based on insights.

How much is your budget?

Do you need to hire a consultant to make sure that the campaign is on the right track?

So many considerations at this point but always good to begin drafting what and where to focus for the new year so we don’t lose path midway.

Wishing everyone the best year and ultimate business growth for 2022. Excited to be part of your online marketing journey.

Verna Austria

Verna Austria

Verna Austria is the Lead Consultant and Main Content Writer of VSPA Online Marketing. She is managing various accounts and is continuously helping companies elevate their online presence and drive higher conversions from the sales pipeline.