Success of a Digital Marketing Campaign with Your Team

When presenting a digital marketing campaign to your team, provide a comprehensive plan anchored by data (use your Google Analytics, Search Console, Insights from Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, etc.) to strengthen the success of the project and eventually earn everyone’s trust.

Review what has been done and how it can improve. If you have an existing website with no keywords, then it is time to explore SEO. If you have been posting on social with less than a hundred engagement, then consider running FB ads.

Create a timeline so everyone knows what needs to be accomplished every week or month. A delay of one is a delay of all.

Assign owner/s per task to make each member accountable to every deliverable. Everyone has their own to-do’s; it is a must to carry it out right and submit on time.

Don’t leave the meeting with members clueless of their role. It is our responsibility to make sure that they are aware of what’s going to happen and what can they contribute to achieve the goals. We can start by giving an overview of their job or go as far as explaining their upcoming assignment in detail.

Pin the expectations with the right information. If client demands for a daily blog posting but you only have one writer onboard with other projects on hand, then proposed to make adjustments on the current writer’s load and rate or get additional manpower along with the added professional fee.

Get the full support of the team and other stakeholders. Make sure each staff follows the timeline and familiar with the processes with full understanding of “why” we are on this path.

Inspire the team but do not go beyond what cannot be accomplished. Offer realistic wins and real-life drawbacks. Client conversion will go up but first, we have to build on awareness strategy, and this can take a while.

Focus on sales but not just that. We should also keep our eyes on building strong relationships as this will go after a single purchase. Repeat and referrals are very much valued.

Successful implementation is going to be difficult if your team is not one with your endeavor. Work hard. Learn together. Stay focus and remain patient. Watch your business grow with digital marketing properly implemented and supported by each one involved.

Verna Austria

Verna Austria

Verna Austria is the Lead Consultant and Main Content Writer of VSPA Online Marketing. She is managing various accounts and is continuously helping companies elevate their online presence and drive higher conversions from the sales pipeline.